Friday, December 5, 2008

Nikon D700 Digital Field Guide

UPDATE: Thanks for the overwhelming response! We have all of the reviewers we need!
My new book the Nikon D700 Digital Field Guide is due to hit stores in a couple of weeks. I'm looking for a few people to review the book on for me. In return I will have an advance copy of the book sent right to your front door before it's even on the shelves!

That's right! I'm offering a FREE copy of the Nikon D700 Digital Field Guide! Of course this a limited time offer and my supply is limited as well, so act now.

All you need to take advantage of my publisher's generosity is:
  1. You must have valid account
  2. You must send me your email address
  3. You must provide me with a mailing adress
It's that simple! Just send me an email and I'll have a free copy of the D700 Digital Field Guide on your doorstep!

For more information on the book (or to pre-order a copy to help me out) click here:


J. Dennis Thomas said...

Please send your contact info to:


diverter valve said...

This field guide will come very usefull to maximize the power of the D700