Monday, August 24, 2009

Adobe updates Camera Raw and DNG

Adobe has updated it's popular RAW file converter to version 5.5. This update allows you to open RAW files from the soon to be released Nikon D3000 and Nikon D300s.

This is very good news since more often than not users have to wait for Adobe to catch up once the camera is released. This might mean that Adobe and Nikon are working together more closely than they have in the past.

Maybe in the future we'll be able to apply Custom Picture Controls in Adobe Camera RAW. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one, but it sure would be nice...

Get the ACR and DNG updates here:

Here's a fun picture I shot this week.

This is a picture of smoke from a stick of burning incense. It's a simple technique that allows you to get some cool abstract shots. Basically, I set up a stick of incense in a holder on a piece of black poster board. The poster board was gaffer taped to a table at the bottom and to the wall at the top giving me a nice seamless background.

Next I placed a Speedlight behind the burning stick of incense. I used a snoot to direct the flash at the smoke and to keep the flash off of the background which I wanted to stay completely black. The Speedlight was controlled by an SU-800. If you don't have an SU-800 you can use the built-in flash with the SG-IR3 or another Speedlight commander with the flash disabled.

This technique is easiest when using a tripod. Focusing manually, set focus on the end of the stick of incense. You'll want to set your aperture to a very small setting to be sure that the smoke is completely in focus since it's not going to be flowing perfectly in the plane of focus. I suggest f/11 or smaller.

It's not very hard, but it does take quite a few shots until you get a smoke pattern that's interesting. I used my hands and fingers to gently guide the smoke in different directions.

Have fun!

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