Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nikon P7100 and AW100

Well, Nikon's "big announcement" was less than stellar. While we were all expecting a new full-frame DSLR we got the Nikon P7100 point and shoot.

Although the camera is laden with a lot of high-end features, it's not really groundbreaking with the exception of the new Vari-Angle LCD. Pretty much the Nikon version of Canon's bestselling G-Series compacts.

Nikon has also released some more S-Series cameras for the Ashton Kutcher crowd, but probably more exciting than the P7100 is the first Nikon camera that is waterproof, freezeproof, and shock resistant camera: the Nikon AW100.

This is a Nikon point and shoot I can really get into. Being an avid kayaker I often wish I had my camera with me, but after having two close calls with my P5000 I decided to leave it at home. Now there's a Nikon camera I can take along with me.

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