Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nikon D4 and D800 locking up...

Nikon has announced that there's a problem with the D4 and D800 cameras locking up necessitating the removal of the battery to restart the camera.

Nikon says they are working on a permanent fix, but claims that if you turn of the Highlights and RGB histogram in the Playback display options that the issue will cease.


Anonymous said...

It's all very simple-as A -B-C.The problem- and nikon knows it- is that the Expeed3 seems to be too much weak for working out so many operations with the huge flows of information at the same time.
It results in overheating cpu and locking up. If you do not use some operations like much power consuming display back functions as nikon recommends-it will be working ok- but if you turn on all possible options/operations- espessially with playback on the display- the camera will be locking up or freezing depending on the shooting conditions and the amount of calculation producing at the same time. Design of Expeed3 is less powerful as needed for a stable functioning of the camera.
So under hard shooting conditions and with high outdoor/indoor temperatures and completing all possible in the camera operations which require much power for calculations- nikon d800 as well as d4 having the same Expeed3 will be freezing from time to time because of cpu overheating. Even if you change you camera to a new one- it will not resolve the problem.
That is why Nikon "investigates" this problem more than a month with no result announced -they really do not know what to do -either to modify Expeed3 and reinstall it on all cameras sold or add to every camera some additional processor.
No one firmware can help in this problem.

J. Dennis Thomas said...
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J. Dennis Thomas said...

Interesting insight. Since I never use the playback feature except to check the luminosity histogram once in awhile I haven't had a problem.

I'm going to turn all the features on and and see if I can get it to lock up as an experiment.