Wednesday, January 9, 2013

D5200 is now available in the US.

That's right folks, Nikon has finally officially announced the D5200 in the USA. The camera is set to start shipping at the end of the January 2013. There are three options:

D5200 body only - $800 USD
D5200 w/18-55mm kit - $900 USD
D5200 w/18-105mm kit - $1100 USD.

The pricing is in line with Nikon's usual pricing of the D5X00 series cameras, the only Nikon cameras available with a Vari-Angle articulated LCD.

The The D5100 is available right now for super-low discount prices, but before you go snatching one up take a look at what the D5200 offers over the D5100 and some of the others as well.

  • 24MP sensor. The D5200 is confirmed to have a brand new sensor designed by Nikon manufactured by Toshiba. The first Toshiba chips to make an appearance in a Nikon DSLR (formerly chips were all made by Sony). So far the IQ is very impressive. Better than the 24MP D3200. 
  • Multi-CAM 4800 DX Focus module. The D5200 inherits the semi-pro 39-point AF module from the more expensive D7000. Focusing is much faster and more accurate than on the D5100 especially when paired with a fast aperture lens like the 35mm f/1.8G
  • EXPEED 3. The D5200 is the first camera in Nikon's non-professional series to get the great EXPEED 3 image processor. This means faster processing times, more accurate colors, and less high ISO noise. The EXPEED 3 processor was only available in Nikon's high-end FX cameras until now. 
  • 2016 pixel RGB metering sensor. A major upgrade from the D5100's 420 pixel RGB sensor this new sensor ensures much more accurate metering for spot-on exposures in most situations. 
  • Built-in stereo mic. A first on the D5200, Nikon includes a stereo microphone right integrated to the camera. 
While the D5200 may appear very similar to the D5100 inside it's an all new camera. A worthy upgrade from the D5100 and even a good backup camera for many part-time pros.

I think this will be a great second camera for videographers using the Nikon system. The Vari-Angle LCD will make it easy to get B-roll footage and shots from odd angles and in confined spaces without the need of a bulky external monitor and a cage system to attach it to. 

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mike3k said...

I assume it lacks an internal AF motor so you need to use AF-S lenses if you want them to auto focus? Aside from that, is it a worthwhile upgrade from a D90?

J. Dennis Thomas said...

Yes it does lack an internal motor. Personally, I don't find that to be a problem anymore since I only have one or two non AF-S lenses.

As far as being a worthwhile upgrade to the D90, there's not a straightforward yes or no answer to that.

As far as internals go, the D5200 definitely beats the pants off of the D90. The D90 is almost 4.5 years old. While it's a capable camera, the D5200 has more resolution, more dynamic range, a faster and better AF system, a more complex and accurate metering system, faster shooting rate, full HD video. That's a big upgrade from what the D90 offers.

The downside is the ergonomics. The D5200 has very little to offer in hands on controls. Almost everything is done through menu systems. This can be a major problem if you find that you need to change settings on the fly when you're shooting. Coming from a D90 you may be frustrated with the lack of control.

If you've already got lenses and you need the external controls you might want to look into a D7000 body instead. You can pick one up for not much more than the D5200 and it's also got a higher build quality and internal focus motor.