Monday, November 4, 2013

The Nikon Dƒ is about to appear!

Not since the first affordable FX camera with a small body, the D700 was announced has their been such high expectations surrounding a camera. A couple of weeks ago rumors started circulating about a new "purist" DSLR. A stripped down FX camera for photographers that don't need the all of the bells and whistles that manufacturers keep piling on the DSLR's to make them more versatile.

After the rumors popped up Nikon began a teaser video campaign and announced the rumors were true. The actual announcement isn't scheduled until midnight tonight, but images of the camera have leaked and to be honest this camera looks like a real winner.

Amazon had a page up listing specs and images, but it was quickly pulled before I thought to grab a screen capture. The price I glanced looked to be almost $2800.

The full specs will be up soon enough. So I'll just leave you with pics of this beautiful machine.

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