Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nikon D5200 announced!!!

Hot on the heels of one of the most highly acclaimed cameras Nikon has ever released, the D600, Nikon ups it's mid-level DX game.

The D5200 is an almost complete redesign from the D5XXX line. The camera body has had a complete makeover. The body is redesigned, it's available in 3 different colors and more importantly it shares a lot of features with the D600. The same resolution (albeit on smaller sensor), 39 point AF system (this one probably has better coverage), EXPEED 3 processor, 2016 pixel RGB metering sensor, live view switch, and 5 frames per second.

More importantly the D5200 looks to be better in the video department. The 3-inch 921KVari-angle monitor, uncompressed video from the HDMI out (like D4, D800, and D600), built-in stereo mic AND a stereo mic input, and a one up on all of Nikon's HD enabled cameras: 1080p at 60fps. FINALLY you will be able to do full HD slow-motion. There better be a firmware update for the D6, D800, and D600. If the D5200 has fully manual video control I see this camera being a very good candidate for serious video work for a small budget.

All in all this looks like a nice compact camera with a lot of good features especially for the aspiring filmmaker on a budget. No word yet on the price or availability, but I suspect it to be around $800-850 for the kit, and most it'll most likely hit the stores right around the beginning of December, just in time for Christmas.

See the Nikon announcement here:  Nikon D5200

Oh, and candy-apple red. Like a hot-rod. What's not to love?

EDIT: Prices are reported to be around £719 which is roughly equivalent to $1150 USD! Generally USA prices end up being somewhat less than in Europe. Let's hope so. I think more than $900 is asking a lot for what Nikon themselves claim to be an entry-level camera. 


Barry Balderson said...

Was wondering something about the D5100/5200 cameras. They both have Landscape picture control AND a Landscape scene dial-mode. If BOTH are set, is the effect multiplied? If Landscape Picture Control is set and I dial-in Autumn Colors in scene menu, which will the camera actually choose since they seem to be opposite of each other.

J. Dennis Thomas said...

When you dial in the Landscape scene mode the Picture Control is automatically set to Landscape (LS). If you switch to Autumn Colors scene mode, the camera automatically sets the Picture Control to Vivid (VI). Basically the scene mode trumps whatever Picture Control you have set.