Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nikon D5200 unavailable in the US!?!

Apparently the D5200 announcement is only applicable to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Nikon USA isn't expected to make the D5200 announcement until the CES trade show in January.

Rumors are that Hurricane Sandy hitting the Melville offices may have had something to do with the delay. It's anybody's guess at this point and I'm sure it's all just conjecture. Nikon of course is being close-lipped about it stating only that "Nikon Corporation announced a new product in select markets worldwide, but not in the U.S. at this time"

Maybe Nikon will skip the US altogether with the D5200 and give us the D5300 with 4K video, 36MP, and a 10-300 f/2.8 VR kit lens...

In any case, it looks like the wait is on. There are no pre-order options on B&H, Adorama, or any of the other retailers. You're only option right is to fly over to Europe or Asia and get one when it's available next month. Or you can just wait until the first week of January. That makes a little more sense. 

I'm gonna get a red one. 

To match my new shoes. 

And my guitar. 

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